We Needs Guns, Mr. Obama

  Mr. President, Ethnic nationalities' Voice is writing to you in demands of guns and other useful weapons in order to protect our people, to defend the invasion of Burmese regime in our territory and to restore the democratic system in Burma.
                         We have been fighting the Burmese regime for genuine federal union, democracy and self determination rights within the boundaries of law and outlaw for nearly six decades since 1947 along with the British granted independence to Burma. The successive Burman government denied the basic rights of ethnic nationalities and the whole citizen of Burma. For our struggling of the above-mentioned rights, we used to be labeled and accused as the separatist from the union, high treason, insurgency, assassin of Burman leaders and many other crimes and felonies without good reason by the propaganda media of Burman government officials and other independent Burmese media inside Burma and abroad.During our struggle, we lost many of lives of our comrades and innocent people while the world leaders just watched and ignored our sufferings. This is unfair and no justice at all for human beings.

Mr. President, there is tensions between ethnic armed forces and Burman troops in everywhere and tends to clash each other now. This is not caused by the ethnic armed forces. It is caused by the long term plans of Burman government. It is called "Ethnic cleansing policy". We could not able to avoid this clash since it is started by the Burman government policy. What we can do is to defend and fight back for our people.

Mr. President, we have seen that you adopted and stayed on the policy of US Talk to Burma and sent Mr. Kurt Cambell to Burma after you took the office of the United States President. We understand that you tried to engage or approach the Burma regime for change by peaceful way which similar to ASEAN leaders have adopted for decades. Now you know it did not work at all, and completely failed because of the wicked and dishonest nature of Burman leaders.

Mr. President, we have learned that the United States have been supporting billion of dollars to unarmed democratic opposition groups in order strengthen the power of civil society, knowledge and education of Burmese people. The program only produced limited fruits to the people of Burma because of less action than words by so-called democratic opposition groups. Now, give us a chance

Mr. President, you must chose the right group who has real intention to change Burma.If there is no real intention to change, there will be no change you can see. We, ethnic nationalities armed forces have the real intention to change Burma and topple the dictatorship if we have enough support from you. As you may know, the unfair and undemocratic election will be held in November 7 this year. We clearly declared that we will not join the election. At the same time, we also declared that we will not transform our armed force to become the Border Guard Force proposed by the Burmese regime because we have not been fighting for becoming the Border Guard Force. Since we refused all the arrogant proposals of the Burmese regime, we were treated as unlawful groups even though we signed the cease fire agreement with the Burmese regime for over 15 years.

Mr. President, China has been trading arms, weapons and other military equipment with the Burmese regime so many year. At the same time, North Korea has also been helping the Burmese regime to build nuclear reactor and produce atomic bombs. We believe you already have enough information. China is doing arm embargo with the Burmese regime illegally and protect the Burmese regime legally. Why there is no other veto power countries at United Nations Security Council argue those points while China tried to protect Burmese regime? We are doing nothing terrorist act, but we are labeled as terrorists while the Burmese regime are doing the state terrorist act, but they are not labeled as terrorist. We want to urge you to consider these points and argue China at the Assembly.

Mr. President, Burma will not change if we don't change it by crook or by hook. We are confident that Burma will change withing couple years if the United States stay behind us firmly and strongly. Since China can support arms embargo to Burmese regime, why not United States support us?. Therefore, the conflict must end based on how it starts. That's why we need guns, Mr. Obama.

Thank you, Mr. President.
Sae Hark Maine
Administrator : ShanStateDefenceArmy 


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