All these words come out from my feeling

                       I miss my university life..if I listened my parents words ,people won't look down on me. My parents already spent a lot of money and energy to support me for my future career. Although I work hard and very tired but some people wanna score me instead of encourage me.... , Am I choose the wrong way for my future? It is very important that the leader need to support his followers with encouragement/ or the leader need to provide his followers with moral support .

             He needs to understand the perspectives of his followers or others people/ he need to understand the two way communications and listen to his followers with respect, thereby the followers or the people who is following his lead has courage to step forward . But in the reality , instead of providing encouragement to his inferiors who follows his lead,

    he treat people with disrespect and criticise the performance/ actions of his followers disrespectfully without asking the reasons therefore I don't see the point the followers can achieve their goals or the common goals as the leader doesn't show/ have the good leadership skills.
Fuck !!!!!!!!!

>> All these words come out from my feeling yesterday ( 03.07.2016) <<

Sai Seng Serk ( Tai Management @ Tai Strategy )


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