Sai Moo History and cause (Short Profile)

A teacher from yamu 16

 The sky is still dark enough to see the light; The soft cool breeze is blowing to the stove to help drive the flames from von firewood. Every morning around five hit. The teacher's will wake up cold rice with steamed rice and grains or vegetables, fried dishes to prepare a meal for the family.

After breakfast, take in some day. The teacher's reading, to keep track of the news, the nation, the impeccable preparation of kidney or additional teaching. At the same time with some hot tea at the same time. Best lunch for school, it is the duty of a wife, soul mate to prepare a insert according to the teacher's and student's daughter rice boxes for less. Before that, both over 20 minutes just to walk to school.

Pang was equally school is a school that teaches children from grade 1 to grade 8 teacher students are surprises people about 20 200-300 people in the winter, the weather is very cold, fog, thick down. almost every home had a fire to sit before the fire school.

 In the rainy season Teachers often put bamboo shoots to Mozambique, mushrooms on the forest on the Hill, but it has never been and is not willing to hunt or shoot a bird at all. Wild 3, a traditional local fabrics that fall off and land at choechae. Do not create difficulties with tired teachers due to the side, because it's always there for his partner, as always.

Sometimes that hand to hold hands ... forward take care of each other and probably envy, even as wild bird researchers. So often heard the sound of birds singing and followed by wild roosters Lamer cute kid singing the couple all the way.

Writer: ꨅꨤꨯးလြတ္ꨳလꨰဝ္း

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